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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
But don't forget, we do need some lesser humans too otherwise who is going to serve you at KFC? Unless everything becomes A.I. But I think the elite would need to keep someone flesh 'n' blood aka slaves to abuse and kick so that they will feel superior. It can't be done with A.I. not the same.
Really bite on this? I take it you didn't read the second post?
I was pretty certain that Oz wouldn't bite....but considered that someone would.

The 'elite' are the bloody psychopaths and sociopaths.... they don't serve you dead flesh in and fast food outlet ( but then again they may order the disposal of kids and homeless as your 'food')
Eat up yummy yummy

All that is incorrect within this world is via the .....?

Go on...take that question for $47

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