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I believe……. ?? I can fly, ? I believe I can crush the sky, ? every now and then, ? not allowed to use a pen,? I believe I can’t die, lalala…. ??

Sorry went off on a ‘slight’ detour….nice trip

I consider that it is required, for Mankind to be, that all those ‘humans’ on either the psychopathic or sociopathic spectrum are ‘removed’ from being!

So use genetics to stop their conception.
If they are conceived, abort them.
If they are born, throw them off the nearest cliff.
At the worst….ALL are tested at the age of 5 and if found to be psychopathic or sociopathic….back to the ‘cliff edge’ it is.

As to those currently ‘living’……. ALL are tested and if on the spectrum…. the ‘cliff’ beckons!

Else that which you consider a ‘planet’ and your ‘race’ are gone!

Edit: Current, MSM, population approx 7.6 billion. So.... the removal regarding current 'living' humans, around 20 %
So an easy, clean .... 1,520,000,000 or 1.52 billion!

Should make half decent fertilizer

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