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Please note that the information and data presented on these 21 pages has been compiled accumulatively from personal knowledge/ known facts/ trusted and knowledgeable sources/ given references/ personal deduction and personal opinion and represents a reconstruction of Operation Spanner from both given and deduced/withheld data, together with related and semi-related information. It is therefore the duty of all readers to apportion the considered value of any data or opinions presented according to their own research, findings and opinion - and on the understanding that much relevant data and information has been removed from the public arena in addition to that always remaining withheld from public display.

All data, information and expressed opinions contained within this research thread represent the culmination of 36 years of my observation, personal knowledge and research findings into the operation, and have been provided on these pages as purely personal opinion for information only, and although being provided as truthfully and honestly as possible, are not intended herein as legal argument; neither should any given data, expressed opinion and any deduction made of withheld data, therefore be construed as guaranteed, nor qualified as fully accurate.

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