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The toponym "Hale" derives from the Old English halh, meaning a nook or shelter, as supported by the surrounding area that has natural features that provide shelter.. The name Hale occurs in a number of places throughout Britain.."So mote it be" is a ritual phrase used by Freemasons, in Rosicrucianism, and more recently by Neopagans.. It means "so may it be",or "so must it be", and may be said at the end of a prayer in a similar way to "amen"..The phrase has been taken up by neopagans and they use it in a similar way in their ceremonies and rituals..Pace is a surname in both Italian and English. In addition to being found in Italy and England, it is also found in Germany, is very common in Malta, and can be found among Italian and British immigrants in places like the United States..The Pace family are prominent in (particularly) Malta and in Sicily..Both the Italian and the English surnames share the same Latin root: the Latin word for peace pax. Specifically, "pace" is the ablative declension of "pax" in Latin, which in Classical Latin would be pronounced "PAH-kah". The word sees popular usage in Ecclesiastical Latin, which today as in the Middle Ages pronounces it in the Italian manner.. "Pace" remains the word for "peace" in Modern Italian...'ve lived long enough to see the future become history, Professor.. Empires crumble.. There are no exceptions..Napoleon wrote that military blunders and domestic catastrophes fanned the flames of the French Revolution..That's what they do with cattle, just before the slaughter..We'd better make arrangements to get some porters immediately - some means of getting us back to civilization..Are you so certain you are away from it?..

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