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Originally Posted by noncooperation View Post
To any sane logical person it is obvious we never went to the moon in the 60's and never since either, it was all faked propaganda.

I beg your pardon? You mean you wish to do the Jedi mind trick and wave away all the evidence that you ignore and can't explain? All that whilst simultaneously claiming you are sane and logical, and that you represent this whole group of people.

Shit..... you ran off like a big Jessie after the first response I gave. To any sane and logical person we went.

Explain the rocks....logically and sanely
It is impossible to reason with an unreasonable person. A proper truther will not hold a fixed, immovable opinion. They will assess all evidence, use logic, reason, critical thinking and position themselves accordingly. If new evidence contradicts and better explains their own, they will adapt. A truther is not afraid to be wrong and is certainly not afraid to change their position. A truther does not ignore contradictory evidence. GOT THAT!?
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