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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
So we get to read many musicians and actors who commit 'suicide'.
We could argue that they've got one problem or another and mentally unstable.

Then, there are those that get killed in a car accident. People surrounding the Royals tend to go this way.

Then, you never hear too many of politicians either committing suicide or involved in a big car accident. I mean, you can't imagine switching on a news to find a report on some like Boris run over by a truck while cycling or what was that bald one who is like nazi on DWP......oh Ian Duncan Smith. These people seem to live forever.

Is something wrong with this world?
I nearly ran Boris over on his bike on my way to work shortly after he became mayor, I was pulling out of a side street, and into Farringdon Rd, London. He gestured to me, I lowered my window, and he called me a prick, I told him that he'd be a very dead and squashed mayor if he carried on, lol.
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