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Let us consider how people are encouraged to treat death by modern society.

First of all, we are encouraged to see the priest as a gate-keeper of sorts to the dying experience.

We trust them to somehow bless the soul of our departed love ones (and especially ourselves.) We rely on them to explain to us the nature of death and to carry the burden of spiritual insight on the matter of death so that we might not have to consider our own mortality.

It's ok... we are not the only ones to have done this.

Death must be a topic in the hands of the priesthood otherwise people will come to their own conclusions and may possibly come to understand death, freeing them of the fears of possible eternal damnation or simply 'not existing'...

If people are aware of the nature of life and death, they are less likely to trip and fall during their journey in the afterlife, and they are less likely to return to the wheel of life...

I want you to please take notice of the position of the hands of the entity in this drawing. This entity is holding the wheel of life... holding this reality. Take NOTICE of his hands.

The wheel of life is full of pain and suffering, desires and all manner of things that a soul might be better off without... but if a soul is not conscious during the dying experience, he will chase the first desire he can and end up directly back in the wheel.

This is information kept within the Tibetan book of the dead and is one reason why different people of different regions and religions handle death differently.

In a Tibetan buddhist funeral of a small family, the book of the dead is brought next to the corpse and read near it. Not so that the corpse may hear, but so that the confused and disembodied spirit of the deceased person may be helped.

When a person dies, they may lose all conception of who they were or what they are, and will chase distractions endlessly through the bardos of other dimensions until they settle into their chosen reality. It was for this reason that instructions were made to be read to the disembodied spirit. Buddhists, through their own vow to seek the end of suffering of all beings, see it as their duty to help their deceased avoid falling into this bardo, this physical reality.

You can be assured that the entities which control this reality do not want you freeing your consciousness upon death... they want you to be confused, they want you to be conditioned to chase your desires, and they want you to fall right back into this reality.

We have done this many times, and yes, they do point and laugh at us for having forgotten and fallen back in.

They do it in ways that I have already mentioned in this thread.
Do you remember what I said about the hand position of the above painting of the great beast?

Those who serve the beast are rewarded greatly in this world for leading institutions, governments, and religious bodies that mislead us in countless ways about our perception of reality and death. You can look up enormous bodies of evidence showing that these people are tied together and worship the same entity... Icke has taken small bites of this topic already.

Who are they really serving?

Is it their country? Their God? Their office? Or are they serving this reality by tying you into it?

Are they AWARE that you have somehow 'fallen' into this reality from higher up? Were they part of that? Are these the fallen angels? Usurpers of consciousness from higher realities? Is this why they serve death and seek to keep us ignorant of the natures of reality and the eternal soul?

Perhaps they are ancient enemies, who we have dealt with many times, and who only escape our wrath because we forget them each time we come to this world. They mock us because they remember us perfectly well, and know that we have returned again and again because of their wars, their lies etc.

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