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Interesting factoid: Michael Jackson’s 1995 album HIStory included a song called “Tabloid Junkie” one of the opening lines of which is:

Speculate to break the one you hate
Circulate the lie you confiscate
Assassinate and mutilate
As the hounding media in hysteria
WhoĆ¢€™s the next for you to resurrect
Jfk exposed the cia
Truth be told the grassy knoll
As the blackmail story in all your glory

I know this doesn’t “prove” anything, but it seems noteworthy that Jackson mentions exposing the CIA in a line on a popular record. And shortly thereafter talks about blackmail. The weirdest part is I didn’t even know this before I started writing this post. WHOA! This is even weirder. Apparently also on that album is a song called “D.S.” the opening lyrics of which are:

They wanna get my ass
Dead or alive
You know he really tried to take me
Down by surprise
I bet he missioned with the CIA
He don’t do half what he say

Don Standdon is a cold man
Don Standdon is a cold man
Don Standdon is a cold man
Don Standdon is a cold man

There is also a theory circulating online about this song - that it’s actually about a District Attorney from Santa Barbara county named Thomas Sneddon. This article claims that the Don Standdon mentioned above is actually “Dom S. Sheldon” which when sung sounds like “ThomaS Sneddon”. Apparently Sneddon has been trying to build a case against Jackson since the 1990’s. Other lyrics sites online also confirm the “Dom Sheldon” interpretation, and some even say outright “Tom Sneddon.”

To me, the picture looks more and more like Jackson began trying to “out” CIA agents in this album.

They also replace people with doubles. For many years they recruited look-alikes who would serve their ends. Now they are perfecting cloning technology that will let them replace anybody.
(The Illuminati by Abner Whateley)

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