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Originally Posted by dodeca View Post
Dan Brown's lost symbol:

I agree.
Looks very similar to the book cover.
But what the book cover does not show....your image does.

As my Freemason source/deepthroat who worships the BJ suggests, the SWASTIKA is the KEY OF KEYS.

It is the swastika that we see at the top of the photo.
Reminds me of this photo 'The School of Athens' by the great artist Raphael.

See the swastikas on the underside of the arch?

What do swastikas and geese/swans have in common?

Start at page 162...scroll down about 25 pages.

They are found throughout the Mediterranean BEFORE the birth of what's his name, the poser poster boy / superstar called Jesus.

This is the best book to learn about how extensive the 10,000+ year old swastika was prior to the rise of Judeao/Christianity.


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