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Originally Posted by 2013 View Post
Thanks for that interesting i will go over the entire thread soon . The chapel representing the crown chakra is interesting i read the isle of wight is the base chakra of england with Scotland being the crown , so that fits .Also the number of petals on the lotus's? in the chakras adds up to 144,000 so by opening the chakras and activating them, spinning all the colours become white light the 144,000 with the sign of god in their foreheads .The bands around Saturn have also just made me think of the headband worn by Monkey in the TV series , must check out why he had it on .
I am sure there is something to it

Saturn Hexagon Mystifies Scientists
March 27, 2007 — A long-lived double hexagon formed in the clouds.
The two six-sided features — one inside the other — are in stark contrast to the hurricane-like vortex that has been observed at the ringed planet's south pole. Both poles have been imaged by NASA's orbiting Cassini spacecraft.
"We haven't seen a (geometric) feature like this anywhere else on any other planet," said Cassini scientist Kevin Baines of the NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. "It's unbelievable."

Nice reptiles.

Love this music.

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