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SORRY but I see 5

All those images presented thus far on this thread are on a WHITE background.
White is the 5th color that is missing.

GREEN is actually the color used to represent the HOLY SPIRIT in the middle ages.

4 Gospels or 5?
Certain colors are directly associated with the stages of ancient alchemy.

The restored Burney Relief shows color theme of red, white, black, and gold. There’s a naked, fully red-skinned woman, holding a golden circled rod in each hand. Her wings are red, white, and black, and and her headdress is gold and black. The owls have feathers of alternating red, white, and black; while the lions look simply white and black. The background is completely black, most plausably to connote darkness and nighttime. Obviously, this is an odd representation for a "Queen of Heaven." I have a plausable explanation.

A scholar answering questions about the Sumerian word of Venus, he said this:

"Most often, Venus as a planet is called Ninanna, the lady of heaven. But Inanna, Sumer's most popular goddess, who had many functions, was identified with the planet Venus, both as the war-like morning star and as the love goddess evening star." (Sumerian Questions and Answers)
Can 58 (13) and those four colors, red, white, black, and gold be connected to St. John the Baptist and the KNIGHT's Templar?

come follow me down the rabbit hole....

And at what point does GREEN = HOLY SPIRIT enter the picture?
Dr. Leonard Horowitz would suggest that GREEN is associated with a certain SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCY that heals DNA.

And that frequency 528 hertz = color green and heals DNA?

Please note the colors above.
Please note the colors of the mythical St. George dressed like a Knights Templar, and the target.


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