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Thank you for posting this. I have come across the alleged connection between the Celts and the ancient Egyptians before.


"The founders of Scotland of late medieval legend, Scota with GoĆ­del Glas, voyaging from Egypt, was depicted in a 15th century manuscript of the Scotichronicon of Walter Bower.
This story might have some basis in the arrival of the Roma people in Europe. There is also some resemblance of clothes of the ancient Egyptians and the traditional Scottish

Make of that what you will.

Also here about Scota from wiki:


"Scota, in Irish mythology, Scottish mythology, and pseudohistory, is the name given to two different mythological daughters of two different Egyptian Pharaohs to whom the Gaels traced their ancestry,

allegedly explaining the name Scoti, applied by the Romans to Irish raiders, and later to the Irish invaders of Argyll and Caledonia which became known as Scotland.

The Scota who was allegedly the wife of Mil is named as the daughter to a pharaoh named 'Nectanebus' (a name which might be meant to identify either Nectanebo I or Nectanebo II), and in this myth it was the sons of Mil and Scota that settled in Ireland

Sandy Denny, the beloved English folk singer with Scottish ancestry also appears to address this connection in her work.

Northstar Grassmen and the Ravens

Does anyone know the significance of the north star to the ancient egyptians?

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