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The End Seal Completion

Originally Posted by grimstock View Post
The Spanner Case sentencing in December 1990 adhered strictly to the 369 code(s)/numbers used for the ritual.

The main codes used:

---For new link to info on 66 ritual hexcraft pathway (6, 66, 666*) and Solis seal, see:
(* Total number of house raids in the operation confirmed as "over 640")

The sentencing in months / The Spanner occult signature:
Total sentences = 369 months = 18 = 666

The sentencing in months under full reduction:
639963 = 36 = 3+6=9 incarcerations
(6+3=9)+(9=6+3)= 18 = 666
639 + 963 = 18 + 18 = 666 + 666
639+963=9+9+9+9(+9 incarcerated)= 45 end seal completion.

Although the ritual had been required to end in September 1989 ( 9-999), had the end seal of 45 (99999) been left with an unspecified date in order to be actually placed by the court whenever the sentencing took place? The end date specified for the ritual, September 1989 (9999) also specifies with the four nines, "divine completion with unfinished business".

Had this been the case, then it would suggest that 9 of the (other) deaths involved the intended death of the spirit (through incarcerations) rather than the body. This would still leave over 100 sacrificial deaths, but then give the "other" violent sacrificial deaths as 36 and with 3+6=9 incarcerations (as above) to complete the ritual. A compelling possibility nevertheless.
It sounds also feasible, and the jury is still out on that one; perhaps we may never know.

This would also explain both the unique formations of the figures above under "sentencing in months under full reduction" as released by the media; and also perhaps the weighty unnecessary sentencing.

I therefore believe that this may indeed be the correct interpretation - and one which indicates/includes the jailings as a necessary part of the ritual - and also demonstrates that the sentences handed down in December 1990 had been formulated to complete the ritual figures for the seal to be correctly in place.

This then only affects code 9 statistics of the operation, and suggests total deaths of 102, and that;
Total sacrificial early deaths from causes other than "suicide"/natural reasons had been 36
Incarcerations of 9 to be added to 36 for inclusion in seal of ritual = 45 - (see sentencing!)
Seal and curse = 66 ritual suicides + 36 deaths from other causes (not natural) + 9 jailings = 111 Solis seal.

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