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The Spanner Investigation had been launched following an "inquiry" into adverts in gay magazines.

"It is understood the investigation, one of the largest by the obscene
publications squad, was launched following an inquiry into advertisements
in homosexual magazines."

__________________________________________________ _________

"There were two distinct separate parts to Operation Spanner;

1) 1983 to 1986 covert raids on advertisers and responders to a gay magazine
involving over 620 raids, of which no defendants or charges were forthcoming, but resulting in over 60 alleged suicides. This part of the operation was not publicised. From the information available. it may also be presumed that the alleged suicides were mostly, if not all, “potential defendants”.

2) 1987 to 1989 The Spannermen case involving 16+ raids. This was carried out with full media coverage upon charging, including false claims and lies, and centred around visitors to a Bryn Alyn child abuse whistleblower’s address."
"The Dragnet-Sting Operation and the Searches:
In 1983/84 the Obscene Publications Squad with the assistance of Manchester Police (headed by James Anderton) were believed to have operated or monitored (or both) a gay contact magazine, “Gay Galaxy” as a dragnet sting operation; (a honeytrap). This was the preliminary intelligence-gathering ground (and also the hunting ground) for the Spanner Operation, and was already underway by early 1983.
The magazine carried adverts that were much more extreme than other gay magazines."

There would appear to be over 100 suspicious deaths of gay men seemingly linked to "Gay Galaxy" adverts.
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Original Spannermen video was obtained by Obscene Publications Squad in London via a contact magazine advert:
Several Millions to hunt the men down? --No! - They already had the name and address of the sender (Colin Lasky)
The several millions in costs had been falsely transferred from the "Gay Galaxy" culling operation as it progressed
The Spanner Case had also been an alibi (and a source/means of securing covert public funding) for the culling operation.

The magazine ceased trading in 1984-85 tax year. / The culling had two different sections./ The Operation Spanner knighthood.

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