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Gulf War (212/214 of 374) - Desert Storm Broadcast (New Zealand) 6th February 1991..

Due to RAF Fairford's location and infrastructure, the airfield is designated as a forward operating location for the US Air Force..It was used in the first Gulf War in 1991, with B-52s and KC-135s from Eaker AFB in Arkansas - Roscoe is a novel by William Kennedy which was published in 2002, and depicts an aging politician who is a key behind-the-scenes player in Albany, New York's Democratic Party machine - In September 2014 Fairford was used as the staging base for US President Obama's trip to the NATO conference held in Newport, Wales - Morgantown's municipal park, Charles Black City Park, is home to the annual Green River Catfish Festival held the week of July 4..Granville Allen, a member of the 17th Kentucky Infantry, was one of the first Union soldiers to die in the Civil War, in a skirmish on 29 October 1861..The city formerly had a sister city in Tatsuruhama, Japan, but that city is now part of Nanao -Australia v Czechoslovakia - Visalia is the 5th largest city in the San Joaquin Valley after Fresno, Bakersfield, Stockton and Modesto; the 44th most populous in California; and 198th in the US..The area around Visalia was first settled by the Yokuts and Mono Native American tribes hundreds of years ago...It is unknown when the first Europeans arrived, but the first to make a written record of the area was Pedro Fages in 1722 - 106yrs+103 old = 209 - RAF Fairford was the only TransOceanic Abort Landing site for NASA's Space Shuttle in the UK - The Price is WRight... the shoot - I wanna talk about the look..I wanted to see about getting this new zoom lens...WRight..I wondered if we'd be able to look into getting some more lights, too, y'know..Jack wants a minimal-thing...

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