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Arrow The Don

Japheth to the north and that of Shem to the south..

Enemy at the Gates (2001)Battle of Stalingrad HD..

The area around the estuary is speculated to be the source of the Black Death - Monty Finniston was born on 15 August 1912 at 26 Aitkenhead Road in Govanhill, Glasgow the son of Robert Finniston, he attended Allan Glen's School..After the war he worked in Canada, and then was appointed Chief Metallurgist at the Atomic Energy Authority, Harwell - Franco Latini (12 September 1927) was an Italian actor and voice actor, considered to be one of the most top voice dubbers for many animated films and cartoons for audiences across Italy - Pete Axthelm (27 August 1943) was a sportswriter and columnist for the New York Herald Tribune, Sports Illustrated, Newsweek and its Inside Sports - The Sturmgesch├╝tz originated from German experiences in World War I, when it was discovered that, during the offensives on the Western Front, the infantry lacked the means to effectively engage fortifications - On 19 November 1942, the Red Army launched Operation Uranus, a two-pronged attack targeting the weaker Romanian and Hungarian armies protecting the German 6th Army's flanks..The Axis forces on the flanks were overrun and the 6th Army was cut off and surrounded in the Stalingrad area, the Luftwaffe had rendered the River Volga, vital for bringing supplies into the city, unusable to Soviet shipping - Adolf Hitler ordered that the army stay in Stalingrad and make no attempt to break out; instead, attempts were made to supply the army by air and to break the encirclement from the outside..Heavy fighting continued for another 2 months..By the beginning of February 1943, the Axis forces in Stalingrad had exhausted their ammunition and food..The remaining units of the 6th Army surrendered..The battle lasted 5 months, 1 week and 3 days... am willing to sacrifice my commercial interests for the common good..This is my word, this is my honor, there are those of you here who know I have never betrayed either...Sonny had visited her once a week, sometimes more, never less..Their passion for each other was of the most elementary kind...Come now, you really think you're the only one who can play this Game?...

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