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Some Questions and Answers

Q1 - I would like to know the date
of the raid that sparked Operation

A1 - There was no raid that sparked Operation Spanner. The operation had been a cull of gay men, set within a six year long pre-scheduled satanic ritual involving masonic training and initiation from 1983 on, falsely costed with the addition of incarcerations and the alibi of an SM court case transposed as the operation from 1987. However, the initial raids on the Spannermen were first undertaken around December 1986 to January 1987, with the first being Colin Lasky, of South Wales - a semi-local visitor and friend of Mr. Anderson - who himself was raided in March 1987 - these being the first of the 16 Spannermen raids. Sanctions were placed on all raided men to prevent them from contacting friends. Raids were carried out by Michael Hames and his teams, (State appointee - Detective Superintendent, Head of Obscene Publications / Church of England appointee - Office of the Witchfinder General)
The initial Spannermen video obtained by Manchester Police's "Gay Galaxy" contact magazine (a magazine set up to select and identify victims for the culling) was in response to an advert in the magazine requesting to swap extreme SM videos with other advertisers. It is not known whether the video had been sent before or after the reciprocal exchange via a box number of the magazine. The tape had been sent in March or April 1984, and the magazine ceased trading that same year. No money had exchanged hands. Certainly it is believed that the whole operation from 1983 would have seized perhaps thousands of tapes from the (around) 666 raids/ searches carried out from that date, plus the addition of tapes forwarded by post to the magazine. The Chief of Police for Manchester - James Anderton, had been awarded a knighthood by the queen upon successful completion of the six-year long satanic ritual culling and the incarcerations.
December 1990 honours:

The culling under code 6 of the operation ( involving alleged home suicides) had been specified to end in 1986, with the raids for the court case - the 16 Spannermen - then undertaken from that date. So it is quite possible papers / videos had been transferred from Manchester about that time (late 1986 to 1987)
The first raid and alleged suicide linked to the whistleblower's address under code 6 of which we are aware was early 1984, shortly after the intrusion by John Allen security at the premises. However both the operation and the magazine had already been running for one year prior to this.
The culling under code 9 of the operation - ( involving outdoor secluded meetings/ unsolved murders) had an end date specified of 1989. Tracing/monitoring of those men selected and targeted would possibly have been necessary as the known magazine had ceased in 1984.

Q3 - The number of tapes that were seized during the raid?

A3 - As already stated, there was no initial raid, although the one on Colin Lasky was the first on any Spannermen. I do not know the number of tapes seized, but a total of around 400 films for all 16 spannermen would sound about right in my opinion, and perhaps not all of those were of the spannermen themselves.

Q2 - Why the raid was carried out?

I believe this has been answered in Question 1, however the raid upon Colin Lasky had been due to the fact he had connections to an address of a Bryn Alyn whistleblower, and that he had previously forwarded the initial Spannermen tape. The specific selection of the visitors to that house had followed a letter from 10 Downing Street informing the whistleblower that the Home Office had then been assigned to dealing with the reported corruption notified to the then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, in 1985. Nevertheless, the corruption itself had not been investigated at all during that period, and neither had any correspondence nor contact followed that communication. Neither had there been any concern over the matter involving the abuse and murder of children from the same area 4 years later when it had been reported by Andrea Davison, after she had discovered some of the children were being sacrificed for highly priced snuff films, involving contracted agents of MI5.

It is believed that the John Allen empire additionally had control over children housed at council-run homes, as there would appear to be evidence linking his minibus with state-operated childrens' homes, in addition to his own homes:
Pimlico party trips:

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