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Arrow Ath or Glory

Gulf War - Desert Storm..

Broadcast (New Zealand)-(140 of 374) 21st January, 1991..

Mr. Dalyell - While accepting that Saddam Hussein, probably on purpose, placed his missile boosting factory near to Najaf and near Karbala; because of Karbala's associations with the grandson of the prophet and because Najaf is the seat of the Islamic university and the spiritual leader of the Shiahs, the Ayatollah Khoi He Marje, is it not important that, as far as possible, they should not be damaged?..I wonder why people work so hard to become politicians just in order to do something wrong..

Krustcels - SovietOMON attacks Latvian Ministry of Interior Affairs..

Crystal Palace v Notts Forest - Can the Prime Minister say something about the nuclear destruction?. After all that has been said about Chernobyl in this House, when we talk about damage to nuclear installations, do we mean power stations, research facilities, cooling or what?.Could we have the facts?..The amount and spread of fallout is a product of the size of the weapon and the altitude at which it is detonated..Fallout may get entrained with the products of a pyrocumulus cloud and fall as black rain..

Black Rain (1989) Yakuza Police Raid HD..

After the detonation of a weapron at or above the fallout-free altitude (an air burst), fission products, un-fissioned nuclear material, and weapon residues vaporized by the heat of the fireball condense into a suspension of particles 10 nm to 20 µm in diameter..This size of particulate matter, lifted to the stratosphere, may take months or years to settle, and may do so anywhere in the world..Its radioactive characteristics increase the statistical cancer risk..Elevated atmospheric radioactivity remains measurable after the widespread nuclear testing of the 1950s..Radiation taints large amounts of land and drinking water causing formal mutations throughout animal and human life, particularly in the case of high yield surface detonations.. Mania ... is as priceless as genius... good hand job deserves another..The one thing that troubles me is the ringing; it persists in my ear day and night, like the tolling of a distant temple bell, warning man of the folly of the bomb…

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