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Gulf War (077\78) - Desert Shield+ US film poster..

On 9 January 1991, Wuornos was arrested on an outstanding warrant at The Last Resort, a biker bar in Volusia County..

Mother of all Monster Official Trailer..

Night of January 16th - 1909 – Ernest Shackleton's expedition finds the magnetic South Pole -At the beginning of the war, the 16th formed the VIII Corps with the 15th Reserve Division - 1920 – Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated was founded on the campus of Howard UniversityThe League of Nations holds its first council meeting in Paris, France - 1942 Crash of TWA Flight 3, killing all 22 aboard, including film star Carole Lombard, for the continuing flight segment to make room for 15 U.S. Army Air Corps 1945 – Adolf Hitler moves into his underground Führerbunker..The Mamas &..

Broadcast (New Zealand) 16th January, 1991..

The earliest notice of Aspull is that contained in the survey of 1212, when, as one plough-land, it formed part of the Childwall fee held by Richard son of Robert de Lathom, under the lord of Manchester..Hindley Hall, in Aspull, the residence of the Hindleys, became the property of James, a younger son of Robert Dukinfield of Cheshire..The hearth tax roll of 1666 shows that 135 hearths were charged..St. Elizabeth's C of E Church was built in 1882 by Roger Leigh..In 1858 the Roman Catholic church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception was erected - In 1971 Jeremy joined the BBC as a reporter on Radio Sheffield, moving on to become a reporter on BBC Look North Leeds - Cannel coal was found in Aspull..The coal-mining tradition lives on in the name of the Collier's Arms pub on Wigan Road and is on a crossroads to the A6 road.. Hey, man, am I driving okay?..I think we're parked, man..., man, what was that dude's trip?..I mean, what was he on, man?..Man, I don't know, but I wish we had some of it!..I've been thinkin' for long time I'm gonna get out of this truckin' game..Why don't you?...One of my neighbors told my wife it's stylish to eat 3 meals a day, they're probably haggling over the price for us with Murder, Incorporated...

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