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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
You just sucked another ounce of chi out of his system with that comment!
I'll tell him a secret because I am a secret ingredient.

Listen TG
The point is....when someone pokes you, you are meant to keep cool, not to react with anger etc. You can easily do this if you can see it from way up above..from another dimension if you like... and also see funny side of the scenario. This is one way to defeat the vampires.

I tell you my story.
Someone wanted to keep me in the in dark, gloomy life etc...
Well what happened? I came to understand the darkness, the dark matter, the dark energy, 97% of the the Universe. Dark is GOOOOOD man.

I'd definitely put the above in a book called "Witchcraft gone wrong".

Can you see the funny side to this story?

I am a cheeky bugger.

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