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Lightbulb December 29

363rd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar..

BBC One Scotland Junction Between News and Sportscene..

Thomas Becket engaged in conflict with Henry II, King of England, over the rights and privileges of the Church and was murdered by followers of the king in Canterbury Cathedral\1508 – Portuguese forces under the command of Francisco de Almeida attack Khambhat at the Battle of Dabul..

Wreck - Various Times John Peel..

1876 – The Ashtabula River railroad disaster occurs, leaving 64 injured and 92 dead at Ohio/90 - One version of events claims that during the process of disarming the Lakota, a deaf tribesman named Black Coyote was reluctant to give up his rifle, claiming he had paid a lot for it..Thank You for my victories, and for my defeats!.Thank You for my vision, and the blindness in which I saw further!..

West Ham United v Port Vale..

Archibald "Archie" Macpherson (born 1937) has been commentating on Scottish football, via both radio and TV, for over 4 decades..His popularity saw him elected as Rector of the University of Edinburgh in 1985, defeating Teddy Taylor, Margo MacDonald and Richard Demarco \1997Hong Kong begins to kill all the city's 1.25 million chickens to stop the spread of a potentially deadly influenza strain..., the lads said I should give the windows a clean before we head out..And I was thinking to myself, now this girl's special..What's your name?..Diane..Do you find that this approach usually works?...

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