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Sikh Tank crew wedding..

The 14th Prince of Wales's Own Scinde Horse was a regular cavalry regiment of the Bombay Army, and later British Indian Army, it can trace its formation back to The Scinde Irregular Horse raised at Hyderabad on 8 August 1838..2nd Scinde Irregular Horse in 1861 became the 6th Bombay Cavalry in 1903 36th Jacob’s Horse..The fortress commander sent out spies earley morning to see these wild men for themselves..

It Ain't Half Hot Mum..

Visakhapatnam Port is the 5th-busiest cargo port in India and is particularly known for its beaches- The 1st Indian Cavalry division sailed for France from Bombay on 16 October 1914, under the command of Major General H D Fanshawe..The division was re-designated the 4th Cavalry Division in November 1916.. During the war the Division served in the trenches as infantry..Due to the difference in troop levels between infantry and cavalry regiments, each cavalry brigade formed one dismounted cavalry regiment..The high number of officer casualties suffered early on had an effect on its later performance..British officers that understood the language, customs, and psychology of their men could not be quickly replaced, and the alien environment of the Western Front had some effect on the soldiers...'ve been looking all over you..You've been looking for me?..Not for me..For my gentleman..Very fine gentleman..He sent me to look for you..Your gentleman sent you to look for me Sergeant?.It's night..

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