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After much research and piecing together many small remnants of relevant facts related to Operation Spanner and other related matters, we can confirm the Operation had been a satanic hexcraft 66 ritual pathway sacrifice and masonic training and initiation ritual spread over 6 years, with 66 potential defendants suiciding, with 666 suspected total victims, all at taxpayers expense. There were over 100 early deaths (believed to be 111). the numbers and statistics were all-important to the ritual.

The Operation had involved multiple agendas, but at the core, appears to have acted as initiation for many policemen, offering them the entrance to a higher personal masonic position, that would later offer the chances of promotion to a higher grade within the police services. The men had been assigned from both the Metropolitan and other provincial forces to undertake the cull of gay men whilst under the leadership of the newly-appointed Witchfinder. The 66 potential defendants suicidings would have probably involved the lower masonic ranking officers, under instruction, whilst the remainder of the early deaths (believed to be 45) from other causes would have been for the higher masonic ranks, (or possibly vice-versa) and perhaps even allowing them to use their own initiative in relation to the deaths. The provincial forces had only been involved in the first part of the operation, and not the Spannermen operation/case, which had acted as cover. Other awards may have resulted based on individual performances in the ritual. "Witchfinding" indeed!
The deaths of the 66 are believed to have been completed by 1986, with the remainder of the deaths completing by September 1989. Thus the two murders mentioned on page 163 of "The Dirty Squad" may well have been two of the "early deaths" statistics of the operation:

All matters, including total costs and statistics, had been falsely charged against the second part of the operation/case involving the Spannermen, thus seemingly eliminating evidence of any cull, but in doing so, inflating the Spannermen case out of all proportion. Thus the story of that case had been altered to accommodate that fact, and as specified by the ritual.

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