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Lightbulb I'm just sitting here

Watching the Wheels go round and around..
72nd Street..

Dakota Main Arch entrance..

A porte-cochère, coach gate or carriage porch is a covered Arch-like structure..A well-known example is at Buckingham Palace in London..The Beatles were performing at Liverpool's Cavern Club in November 1961 when they were introduced to Brian Epstein after a midday concert..Almost as soon as Julian was born, Lennon went on holiday to Spain with Epstein, which led to speculation about their relationship..When he was later questioned about it, Lennon said, "Well, it was almost a love affair, but not quite..He demanded of a visitor to Epstein's flat, Have you come to blackmail him?..While his wife was on holiday in Greece in May 1968, Lennon invited Yoko to visit..Two years before the Beatles disbanded, Lennon and Ono began public protests against the Vietnam War..Lennon was intrigued by Yoko's Hammer A Nail..

John & Yoko..

Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal...

The Royal Arch leading into Solomon's Temple..Following the Bloody Sunday incident in Northern Ireland in 1972, in which 14 unarmed civil rights protesters were shot dead by the British Army, Lennon said that given the choice between the army and the IRA he would side with the latter...Following the impact of "Give Peace a Chance" and Happy Xmas (War Is Over), both of which songs were strongly associated with the auntie-Vietnam War movement, the Nixon administration heard rumours of Lennon's involvement in a concert to be held in San Diego at the same time as the Republican National Convention and tried to have him deported..While the legal battle continued, Lennon attended rallies and made TV appearances..On 23 March 1973, Lennon was ordered to leave the US within 60 days..If I Were A Boy..

Jim M born 8 December Indian keeps watch 1943

Oliver Stones The Doors Movie - A Feast of Friends..

After an evening at the Record Plant on 8 December 1980, Lennon and Ono returned to their Manhattan apartment in a limousine at around 10:50 p.m. (EST)..They exited the vehicle and walked through the archway of The Dakota, when lone gunman Mark David Chapman shot Lennon 4 times in the back at close range..Based on statements made that night by NYPD Chief of Detectives James Sullivan, numerous radio, TV, and newspaper reports claimed at the time that, before firing, Chapman called out, "Mr. Lennon", and dropped into a combat stance..The first bullet missed, passing over Lennon's head and hitting a window of the Dakota building..The next 2 bullets struck Lennon in the left side of his back, and the other 2 penetrated his left shoulder..Lennon, bleeding profusely from external wounds and from his mouth, staggered up 5 steps to the reception area where he said, "I'm shot, I'm shot"..He then fell to the floor, scattering cassettes that he had been carrying..Perdomo shouted at Chapman, "Do you know what you've done?", to which Chapman calmly replied, "Yes, I just shot John Lennon." ..They reported that Chapman had dropped the revolver to the ground and was holding a paperback book, J. D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye..Realizing the extent of Lennon's injuries, the policemen decided not to wait for an ambulance and immediately carried Lennon into their squad car..He was rushed to St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center. Officer James Moran said they placed Lennon in the back seat..Lennon was rushed in a police cruiser to the emergency room of nearby Roosevelt Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival at 11:00 p.m. (EST)..Earlier that evening, Lennon had autographed a copy of Double Fantasy for Chapman..Lennon was pronounced dead on arrival by Dr. Lynn at 11:15 p.m., but the time of 11:07 p.m. has also been reported..The surgeon noted—as did other witnesses—that a Beatles song ("All My Loving") came over the hospital's sound system at the moment Lennon was pronounced dead..Lennon's body was then taken to the city morgue at 520 First Avenue for an autopsy..At the cellular level, the aorta and the aortic arch are composed of 3 layers..., we all thought continuing surveillance was the best move..Have you stepped into your own Trap, my lord?..You think I'm out on a limb..You shall go abroad and take Elizabeth with you...

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