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On 6 October 1971, an American combat medic, Jacob Singer, is with the 1st Air Cavalry Division, deployed in a village in Vietnam's Mekong Delta, when his close-knit unit comes under sudden attack..

Princess Diana and Prince Charles arrive Seoul, South Korea..

Read of your financial troubles in The Times - One thousand pounds will be en route as soon as you cable us name and address of printers at the Granotel Rome - Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton..November 2 is the 306th day of the year..Oh, excuse me..I must have mis dialed..

Rift Obvious and looking frosty in car..

It was Monday, under the sign of Scorpio..The US president was George H. W.Bush - 1st test flight of Airbus A330 - Hal Roach was born in Elmira, New York, the grandson of Irish immigrants -I know that I'm smarter than you - British Satellite Broadcasting and Sky Television plc merge to form BSkyB as a result of a KGB Radio..You had disadvantages - The investigation into a person found murdered in North Port has taken a turn after the realization the victim was transgender London Moore Age 20..Detectives haven't ruled the possibility of a hate crime out, but one key piece of information is missing..Taylor said -Robert Carston Arneson was an American sculptor and professor of ceramics in the Art department at UC Davis for nearly 3 decades - Mexico and the US - Day of the Dead celebration of ancestors - The state government's official records report that 16 people were killed - Stephanie Ho was born in San Jose, California, but she grew up in Hong Kong with her parents and is also a current Hong Kong National Golf Ladies' Squad representative - Eliot Furness Porter (6 December 1901) was an American photographer best known for his intimate color photographs of nature...!.Did you miss me, Andy?.I sure missed you..I told you..We were gonna be friends to the end..And now, it's time to play..I've got a new game..It's called Hide the Soul, and Guess What?...

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