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de France..


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Maurice Ephrussi was born on 18 November, 1849 in Odessa, Ukraine.. He was a member of the Ephrussi family..His father, Charles Joachim Ephrussi (1792-1864), was a trader in wheat who founded a bank, Ephrussi & Co., and his mother was Henriette Halperson (1822-1888)..His elder half-brother, Ignace von Ephrussi, founded a branch of the family bank in Vienna, Austria..With his older brother, Michel Ephrussi, Maurice co-founded a branch of Ephrussi & Co. in Paris, France...Maurice Ephrussi and his brother Michel were both involved in the sport of Thoroughbred horse racing..Maurice owned Haras du Gazon, a breeding farm in Bazoches-au-Houlme, Orne, Normandy where he bred the outstanding runner and champion sire, Perth..Perth's sire was the Ephrussi stallion War Dance who also sired the brilliant filly, Roxelane..Ephrussi married Béatrice de Rothschild, the daughter of Alphonse de Rothschild, a member of the Rothschild banking family of France..The wedding took place on 5 June 1883 in Paris..According to the Bible, the Tribe of Ephraim is descended from a man named Ephraim, who is recorded as the son of Joseph, the son of Jacob, and Asenath,the daughter of Potiphar, is said to be the captain of the palace Guard..The Euphrates flows through Syria and Iraq to join the Tigris in the Shatt al-Arab, which empties into the Persian Guf..

The Americans Series 1 Official Trailer 2013 HD..

In 1883, an old wish is granted – the railway line connecting Baku to the Caspian Sea at the port of Batum on the Black Sea is complete.. This makes it easier to transport Branobel's products to Europe..At the same time, the rich French banking family, the Rothschilds, get involved in the stakes for Baku's oil and competition increases..For a long time, the financing of the extension to the railway was a problem..But then a Branch of the French banking family, the Rothschilds, became interested..They had a refinery in Fiume on the coast of the Adriatic Sea and regarded the railway as an opportunity to reach an expanding world market with the cheap Baku oil and compete with the American Standard Oil..The Rothschilds invested 10 million US dollars in the railway extension, which was completed in 1883...But there was a problem..The heavy tank wagons found it difficult to cope with the climb at the Suram Pass in the Caucasus Mountains on the track between Baku and Batum..The idea of a railway tunnel through the mountain was, therefore, raised and, in March 1886, the Russian Government gave this the green light..Ludvig Nobel's son Carl was an agent for Alfred Nobel's dynamite and provided quotes for dynamite deliveries..The pipeline was ready in 1886 and carried low-viscosity paraffin..In 1896, the railway was almost washed away by tremendous torrential rain and they were forced to build a new one - Bnito, or the Caspian and Black Sea Oil Company, was an oil business founded in 1883 by Alphonse Rothschild of the Rothschild banking family of France..In 1911, the company was acquired by Royal Dutch Shell..
The oil requires tunnels..

To be Built through the Caucasus Mountains..

At 17, Keke met and married Besarion Jughashvili..Her first two children died shortly after birthMikhail in 1876 and Georgy the following year from measles..Her 3rd son (and last child), Joseph, was born on December 18, 1878 and survived..To support herself and her son, Keke took on any menial job available; mainly housework, sewing and laundering..Keke often worked in the houses of rich Jewish traders in Gori..Ephrussi would have no reason to stop in Gori to visit a wine merchant unless he wanted to pick up a few cases of champagne..Ephrussi, though only 28-years-old in March of 1878 was no errand boy..He was a prince of European high-finance..As a young man Stalin worked at the Rothschild refinery in the storehouse, and ran the union..Later in life, when Stalin achieved prominence in the communist regime in the 1920s, his mother was installed in a palace in the Caucasus, formerly used by the tsar's viceroy..There she is said to have occupied only one tiny room from where she wrote frequent letters (in Georgian – she never managed to learn good Russian) to her son and daughter-in-law..Stalin visited his mother very rarely after the Revolution - At the meetings, Stalin announced that he was bringing a newly aggressive spirit to the Revolution in Batumi..Guess why I got up so early this morning?” asked Stalin exuberantly..Today I got a job with the Rothschilds at their refinery storehouse..The Franco - Jewish dynasty, who personified the power, glamour and cosmopolitanism of international capitalism, would not have been as amused as Stalin, but they never knew that they had employed the future supreme pontiff of international Marxism..Stalin started laughing, almost singing..I’m working for the Rothschilds!..I hope, joked Kandelaki, the Rothschilds will start to prosper from this moment onwards!..Stalin said nothing, but they understood one another: he would do what he could to ensure that the Rothschilds prospered...David J. Landau was born in Warsaw in 1920, into a wealthy Polish-Jewish family..Before World War II, he worked in the family furs business..After the German invasion of Poland Landau became a member of Polish Underground - Before the start of World War II, Somary tried to convince Baron Rothschild to take his wealth and his person out of Germany but Rothschild did not listen to him and barely saved himself... I started using dynamite...I believed in...many things, all of it!..Now, I believe only in dynamite..They kill each other..A Revolution?..I know all about revolutions and how they start!...

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