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In the R.A.F...

Original THeatrical Release Poster..

In 1940, American-built North American Harvard training aircraft are flown to the border with Canada, where they are towed across the frontier for use by Britain..Cocky American pilot Tim Baker decides to fly across the border to Trenton, Ontario, and winds up in trouble with the military authorities, unconvincingly claiming he was looking for Trenton, New Jersey..In London, he runs into his on-again off-again girlfriend Carol Brown, who works in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force by day and stars in a nightclub by night..Release date U.S. 26, September 1941..

Lockheed A-29 Hudson..

The Lockheed Hudson was an American-built light bomber and coastal reconnaissance aircraft built initially for the Royal Air Force shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War and primarily operated by the RAF thereafter..In late 1937 Lockheed sent a cutaway drawing of the Model 14 to various publications, showing the new aircraft as a civilian aircraft and converted to a light bomber.. The British Puchasing Commission ordered 200 aircraft for use by the Royal Air Force and the first aircraft started flight trials from Burbank on 10 December 1938..A total of 350 Mk I and 20 Mk II Hudsons were supplied..These had two fixed Browning machine guns in the nose and two more in the Boulton Paul dorsal turret.. By February 1939, RAF Hudsons began to be delivered, initially equipping No. 224 Squadron RAF at Leuchars, Scotland in May 1939..By the start of the war in September, 78 Hudsons were in service..Postwar, numbers of Hudsons were sold by the military for civil operation as airliners craft..

DR Jekyll (1971 Trailer) & Sister Hyde ..

The First Battle of Kiev was the German name for the operation that resulted in a very large encirclement of Soviet troops in the vicinity of Kiev during World War II - 1,608 Jews in Kaunas were loaded into trucks, driven to the outskirts of the city and killed - The British cargo ship Avoceta from convoy HG 73 was torpedoed and sunk north of the Azores by German submarine U-203. - The Congressional hearings on allegations of propaganda in American films was adjourned - Martine is best known for her 2 appearances in the Bond film series..Although she auditioned for the first Bond film Dr. No, she was film From Russia with Love as the fiery Gypsy girl, Zora..She engaged in a "catfight" scene with her rival Vida (Miss Israel Aliza Gur)..Beswick went on to appear in One Million Years B.C. opposite Raquel Welch, with whom she also engaged in a catfight..She then appeared in various Hammer Film Productions..The A29 is a traditional main road in England in Surrey and chiefly in West Sussex that runs for 34.3 miles, often alongside hedges and open fields, connecting Aveiro to Porto... you don't know what finding you has meant to me...And you've no idea what finding this has meant to me..If I wasn't such a bad woman on the page, I couldn't be such a good woman in life...

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