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If anyone else is still unable to differentiate between the Spanner bdsm court case (the media version of Operation Spanner) and the hidden Operation Spanner (the secret society 66 Pathway and initiation ritual cull and summary executions/ritual sacrifice), then please return to Operation Spanner Dissected, here:
as it will be easier for you to assimilate, as this thread has been from day one, ongoing research.

All these postings are related to the hidden operation that was concealed by the court case and the background false narrative.
I have no intention of delving into details with the BDSM court case, as that is most adequately covered by many thousands of websites and many experts too for the past thirty years, and apart from the statistical sides of the ritual, the case is of little concern with the exposure of the hidden truth. My concern is with the desperate souls who await the truth about their demise to be understood, particularly by the loved ones they left behind, - the full horrors of which may never be known. They do not need to be attacked any more. Nor are they "the butt-end of a joke".

The Spanner case was merely the fabricated and mostly fictional explanatory cover story/alibi for the operation, remaining within the operation remit through destruction of the spannermens' lives. - though at the same time, a living nightmare for those involved.
The Spanner Case

The Official Fairy Tales:
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"Truth does not need to be validated by ignorance." - Jordan Maxwell.

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