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From Defence to Attack..

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XM607 Falklands' Most Daring Raid..

44 (Rhodesia) Squadron was an aviation unit of the Royal Air Force..After the advent of effective Soviet SAMs forced Bomber Command to reassign V bombers from high-altitude operations to low-level penetration OPerations, the squadron's Vulcans adopted a mission profile that included a pop-up manoeuvre..The squadron's Vulcan B2s served mainly in that low-level penetration role until 1982 - 50 Squadron was a squadron of the Royal Air Force..It was formed during the First World War as a home defence fighter squadron, and operated as a bomber squadron during the Second World War and the Cold War..It disbanded for the last time in 1984 - 101 Squadron of the Royal Air Force operates the Airbus Voyager in the air-to-air refuelling and transport roles from RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire - The Avro Vulcan is a jet-powered tailless delta wing high-altitude strategic bomber, which was operated by the Royal Air Force from 1956 until 1984..Hufferty pufferty Ringstoned Round..If you lose your hat it will never be found..The Llyn Peninsula earthquake struck in Gwynedd, north-west Wales on Thursday 19 July..

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Star Trek + The Undiscovered Country - A Painful Mind Meld..

During the 1982 Falklands War, Operations Black Buck 1 to Black Buck 7 were a series of se7en extremely long-range Ground attack missions by Royal Air Force Vulcan bombers of the RAF Waddington Wing, comprising aircraft from 44, 50 and 101 Squadrons against Argentine positions in the Falkland Islands, of which 5 missions completed attacks..The objectives of all missions were to attack Port Stanley Airport and its associated defences..The raids, at almost 6,600 nautical miles (12,200 km) and 16 hours for the return journey, were the longest-ranged bombing raids in history at that time..Long-range operations were entirely dependent upon the RAF's fleet of Handley Page Victor K2 tankers..One (XL513) had been lost in an accident at Marham on 28 September 1976, leaving the RAF with a force of just 23.. Authority to proceed with the operation, codenamed Black Buck, was given by the War Cabinet on 27 April...2 other Vulcans subsequently deployed to Wideawake: XM612, arrived on 14 May, and XM597, which arrived on 27 May..The killer awoke before dawn..He put his boots on..He took a face from the ancient gallery, and he walked on down the hall..

Vulcan Black Buck bombing raid Falklands Conflict 1982..

Black Buck 1 - The first surprise attack on the islands, on 30 April/1 May, was aimed at the main runway at Port Stanley Airport..Now alone, XM607 flew on to the Falklands..Northwood Headquarters received the "superfuse" message by 0830Z and the Ministry of Defence shortly thereafter...The news of the bombing raid was reported on the BBC World Service before either the Vulcan or the last tanker arrived back at Ascension..Later that morning 12 800 Naval Air Squadron Sea Harriers were dispatched from the aircraft carrier HMS Hermes to attack targets on East Falkland..Nine of the aircraft struck Port Stanley Airport and dropped 27 bombs on the airfield and its defences..The other three 800 NAS Sea Harriers attacked the airfield at Goose Green with cluster bombs shortly after the raid on Port Stanley, resulting in the destruction of a Pucará and severe damage to another 2..Black Buck 2 during the night of 3/4 May, Vulcan XM607, flown by Squadron Leader John Reeve and his crew of 50 Squadron flew a near-identical mission to the first...Black Buck 3 - This mission, scheduled for 14 May, was scrubbed before take-off due to strong headwinds..Black Buck 4 mission with Vulcan XM597, scheduled for 28 May, was also scrubbed, but only some 5 hours after the Vulcan had taken off.....Black Buck 5 was the first completed anti-radar mission equipped with Shrike missiles......Black Buck 6 was now armed with 4 missiles instead of 2 and destroyed a Skyguard fire-control radar of the Argentine Army's 601 Anti-Aircraft Battalion, killing 4 radar operators.......Black Buck Se7en mission targeted Argentine troop positions and facilities around the airport instead of the runway..The military effectiveness of Black Buck remains controversial, with some independent sources describing it as minimal..But Argentine sources confirm claims that Black Buck was responsible for the withdrawal of Mirage IIIs from operations over the islands in order to protect the mainland....Listen, what am I paying my f****** dues for?..This is my gulf course!.If I wanna play here, I will play here..If he gets hit with my titleist, that's his f****** problem..Fore!.Four!..4!.. I haven't killed anybody since 1984 October 19 - Jerzy has been recognized as a martyr by the Roman Catholic Church - I wanna put my bare feet in the ocean... people, hunting things, the family business..I wanted a killer from a world filled with killers and they chose you because they thought it would bind me closer to them..Excellent..And there were casualties?.There's always casualties in war, ma'am..You know, in spite of everything, you really do have a beautiful home...

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