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O'Hare UFO Leaked News Footage seconds before Broadcast Gate C-17..

At approximately 16:15 CST on Tuesday 7 November 2006, federal authorities at Chicago O'Hare International Airport received a report that a group of 12 airport employees were witnessing a metallic, saucer-shaped craft hovering over Gate C-17..The object was first spotted by a ramp employee who was pushing back United Airlines Flight 446, which was departing Chicago for Charlotte, North Carolina..The employee apprised Flight 446's crew of the object above their aircraft. It is believed that both the pilot and co-pilot also witnessed the object..Several independent witnesses outside of the airport also saw the object..One described a "blatant" disc-shaped craft hovering over the airport which was "obviously not clouds"..According to this witness, nearby observers gasped as the object shot through the clouds at high velocity, leaving a clear blue hole in the cloud layer..The hole reportedly seemed to close itself shortly afterward..We are unique in that we create ourselves..

UFO (2018) Trailer..

This is the special honour parade on Moscow's Red Square - First we'll use Spahn, then we'll use Sain..Then an off day followed by rain..Back will come Spahn followed by Sain..And followed we hope by two days of rain - The World Trade Organization invites Vietnam to become the WTO's 150th member - Daniel Ortega is elected President of Nicaragua - Panama is elected to a non-permanent seat on the UNSC - Jose Montilla becomes the new President of the Generalitat of Catalonia - John R. Bolton, claims that US diplomat Josette Shiner has been selected to head the UN World Food Programme - NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon weds Belgian model and actress Ingrid Vandebosch (36) at the Hacienda de San Antonio Resort in Colima, Mexico - Dhiren Barot is convicted of conspiracy to murder for developing al-Qaeda plots to kill thousands of people in the UK and US in the 2004 Financial buildings plot..The evidence against the plotters consisted of home videos, written notes, and files on computers..The trials of se7en co-defendants began in April 2007 and in June these se7en were sentenced to a total of 136 years in prison - The trial of Saddam Hussein for alleged genocide of Kurds during the Anfal campaign resumes today..PM Nuri al-Maliki states that he expects Hussein to be executed by the end of the year Tony Snow, the White House Press Secretary, concedes that "Democrats will have control of the House" - Marie Steichen wins the election as county commissioner in Jerauld County, South Dakota, beating a Republican rival by 100 votes to 64 - The IDF began to pull its troops out of the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanun, Palestinian officials said..53 Palestinians, including 16 civilians, and an IDF soldier have been killed since the operation began on October 31 -Bryan Pata was shot and killed outside his apartment complex after leaving team practice earlier that day..The shooting was ruled by police to be a homicide. He was 22..The case remains unsolved - Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber, (13 February 1924, in Paris), was a French journalist and politician - A deadly tornado kills nine and injures twelve in Saroma, Hokkaido, Japan - Bono and Larry talk about One in Brisbane - Hollyoaks Will and Jessica compete to become editor of the student newspaper..Gentlemen, you have our gratitude!.. liked to watch the clouds in the day, and the stars at night..especially the stars..We would play a game sometimes, a game called, what's beyond the sky..Fortunately, we weren't alone out there...

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