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Lightbulb Guten Abend

That night, penetrating deep into the of Transylvania..

The sights of ’60s Manchester..

The "White Buses" (Vita bussarna) was an operation undertaken by the Swedish Red Cross and the Danish government in the spring of 1945 to rescue concentration camp inmates in areas under Nazi control and transport them to Sweden, a neutral country..Although the operation was initially targeted at saving citizens of Scandinavian countries, it rapidly expanded to include citizens of other countries..

This cocaine is f***ing great!' - The Who + Magic Bus - Live At Leeds HQ..

Red & White evolved into Red & White United Transport Ltd, formed in 1937, which owned buzz and road freight companies in the United Kingdom and southern Africa..Expansion continued in the Second World War..The term"white buses" originates from the buses having been painted white With red crosses, to avoid confusion with Military vehicles - The Bloodbus: Tales from the Glasgow Night Bus..The Driver knows them all..

Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) Rats HD..

He got 140 Phillipinos in one plane crash last year..Remember that EarthQuake in ltaly last spring?..

The Baltic German Felix Kersten was Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler's personal masseur..He lived in Stockholm and acted as an intermediary between the Swedish foreign department and Himmler.. Walter Schellenberg, a trusted subordinate of Himmler, had long held the view that Germany would lose the war and encouraged Himmler to explore the possibility of a separate peace treaty with the Western powers; in this Sweden could be a useful intermediary - Due to a technicians' strike during Season 4, se7en of the 13 episodes were made in black and white rather than color + 36 ambulance buses... doesn't ask if we accept this life..In the course of which he had journeyed throughout Central Europe for years accompanied by his one and only faithful disciple, Alfred, the Old Norse for elf...

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