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Arrow Battle Taxi


Norman with his wife, Brenda..

Gulf War (029 of 374) - Desert Shield..

Broadcast (New Zealand): early September, 1990..

Set on the third anniversary of the September 11 attacks, the film centers on the long-term effects the event had on many Americans - September 12 (12 Eylul) is a 2010 German-Turkish documentary film, written, produced and directed by Ozlem Sulak, which documents the accounts of survivors of the 1980 Turkish coup d'├ętat - You there, are you a sailor?..

BBC Six O'Clock News..

Broadcast 12th September, 1990..

Message to the Iraqi People - There are 110 days remaining until the end of the year - Les Miserables, opens at Cirkus Theater, Stockholm - US, United Kingdom, France, USSR, East & West Germanys sign agreements allowing 2 Germanys to merge - On the eve of the 1990 economic recession, his two "Mirage" resorts in Queensland were among the largest in the country and one of them, the Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas Resort, played a key role in putting the formerly small town of Port Douglas on the international tourist map - Wayne Richard Dalglish (born St. Paul, Minnesota) is an American actor..He is best known for his role as Brad Ward on the FOX Network series, The O.C.. He also has a first degree black belt in karate..., sir...I've seen a lot of killing...which it's our duty to do, because it's kill or be killed..That's Vietnam music...can't we get our own music?..You take what you know, and then you multiply...

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