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Default Difference betweem Psychopaths and Narcissists

Permission To Exist 1 year ago
Psychopaths are not possessed because they occupy their house. They live there and keep it up.

Narcissists, on the other hand, tend to never be home, and as a result, are open to occupation.
Interesting! wow so much wisdom in this one. ^ She's right on point!

True that they(demons) don't like to be called their name because then you'll have power over them. Just like...if the law or the court doesn't know your name, then you can't be brought in front of the court.

Shine the light on them.
In order to be whole, everyone needs to be acknolwedged. We all have demons with in us.

^ BAM! Comments in this video starts attacking DI. well....paid disinformation I don't think so. LOL

The thing is though, a very important point at that.....if we realise our godness, re-realise that we are an extention of all mighty god, the Universe, everything else will be beneath to speak. But also part of you so... may be 'beneath you' would be a slightly misleadig way of saying it.

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