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The Operation Spanner “Gay Cure Therapy” of death and rebirth.

Through the operational codes, 666+111=777 (completion), and 3+6=9+3(111)=12=3 (completion), it can be shown that one of the many parallel underlying intentions of the raids and sacrificial culling was to incorporate, initiate (through death and rebirth) and impose a form of “gay cure therapy” to those victims who were chosen for this procedure.

This may possibly also be confirmed by the chosen name of the operation -“Spanner”- signifying that where (of the six triangles on the hexagram) it was believed the men had fallen from the top centre triangle norm (as required by the church – and signifying the heterosexual alpha male) to the triangle to one side or the other of top dead centre position of the hexagram (signifying the gay male, or as deviance from the norm), the hexagon may thus be turned (through death and reincarnation)- as a nut turned by a spanner – to realign the male (as heterosexual alpha) at the top dead centre position on the hexagram in order to be accepted by the Church.

Operation Codes:
Relevant general gematria study of codes and statistics by Mark Passio

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