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Lightbulb Valide Hatun

Germiyanid ..

Karamanid dynasty ..

Mehmed I with his dignitaries..

The Karamanids were members of the Salur tribe of Oghuz Turks - Mehmed was born in 1386 or 1387 as the fourth son of Sultan Bayezid I and one of his consorts, the slave girl Devlet Hatun (23 January 1414)..Following Ottoman custom, when he reached adolescence in 1399, he was sent to gain experience as provincial governor over the Rum Eyalet (central northern Anatolia), recently conquered from its Eretnid rulers..On 20 July 1402, his father Bayezid was defeated in the Battle of Ankara by the Turko-Mongol conqueror and ruler Timur..After winning the Interregnum, Mehmed crowned himself sultan in the Thracian city of Edirne that lay in the European part of the empire (the area dividing the Anatolian and European sides of the empire, Constantinople and the surrounding region, was still held by the Byzantine Empire), becoming Mehmed I 5th Ottoman Sultan - The Kara is a symbol of unbreakable attachment and commitment to God..It was also historically used like a knuckle-duster for hand-to-hand combat..Sikh soldiers of the British Indian army would settle disputes with a kara on one hand... you represent to them is freedom..What the hell is wrong with freedom?.That's what it's all about..Oh, yeah, they're gonna talk to you, and talk to you, and talk to you about individual freedom..And it was going across the sky and it flashed three times at me and zigzagged and whizzed off!. Man, and I saw it!..Lord have mercy!...

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