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Arrow Maru Programme

North of Rabaul..

US Carrier Fights for Life..Yorktown Battle of the Coral Sea World War II..

The Japanese submarine I-168 (Length: 322' 10") under the command of Tanabe Yahachi, steamed (23 knots diesel) south of Midway as far as Kure Island during her approach on 31 May 1942..I-168 was unsuccessfully attacked by aircraft on 5 June; and upon surfacing after the attack, received orders to sink the damaged American aircraft carrier USS Yorktown..On 27 July 1943, I-168 engaged the American submarine USS Scamp in the Steffen Strait , between New Ireland and New Hanover Island.. After crash-diving his boat under an incoming torpedo, Lieutenant Commander Walter Gale Ebert returned fire, sinking I-168 with all hands..Complement: 60-84 officers and men..

Hammann after completion in 1939..

Range: 3,660 nautical miles at 20 kt..The destroyer USS Hammann took part in training maneuvers in the New Caledonia area during early March, and on 27 March the Task Force departed for the Coral Sea..The Task Force sortied again into the Coral Sea on 27 April for a surprise air raid on Japanese Invasion forces on Tulagi.. Hammann moved to Pearl Harbor with the Task Force, arriving on 27 May - 168 is the order of the group PSL(2,7), the second smallest nonabelian simple group..Minuscule 168 is currently housed at the Vatican Library, at Rome..The 168 Film Project is a Christian film festival... are islands..They don't really touch..However close they are, they're really quite separate..What I will need from you now is a commitment..That's where the code breakers come in...

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