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Brave King Longshanks..

Since the time of the Norman conquest, Jews had been filling a small but vital role in the English economy.. Usury by Christians was banned by the Catholic Church at the time, but Jews were permitted to act as moneylenders and bankers.. That position enabled some Jews to amass tremendous wealth, but also earned them the enmity of the English populace, which added to the increasing antisemitic sentiments of the time, due to widespread indebtedness and financial ruin among the gentile population..

Kingdom of Heaven - Outnumbered (2005) HD..

When Edward returned from the Crusades in 1274, two years after his accession as King of England, he found that land had become a commodity, and that many of his subjects had become dispossessed and were in danger of destitution.. Jews traded land for money, and land was often mortgaged to Jewish moneylenders..Edward I codified the “Statute of Jewry,” which stated, Each Jew, after he is se7en years old, shall wear a distinguishing mark on his outer garment, that is to say, in the form of two Tables joined, of yellow felt of the length of six inches and of the breadth of 3 inches...As special direct subjects of the monarch, Jews could be taxed indiscriminately by the King.. Some have described the situation as indirect usury: the monarch permitting and encouraging Jews to practise usury and then taxing the profit. In the years leading up to the Statute, Edward taxed them heavily to help finance his forthcoming military campaigns in Wales, which commenced in 1277..Pope Gregory X called for a new crusade at the Council of Lyons in 1274, but nothing came of this..In 1275, Abaqa Khan sent a messenger to Edward with a letter.. Abaqa requested that Edward mobilize for another Crusade, saying he could offer more help this time..In 1276, another envoy was sent to Edward with the same message, with an additional message of apology for not effectively intervening in 1271..In the duchy of Gascony in 1287, King Edward ordered the local Jews expelled..The heavy tax was passed, and 3 days later, on 18 July, the Edict of Expulsion was issued..Many Jews emigrated, to Scotland, France and the Netherlands, and as far as Poland, which, at that time, protected them.. The center of power of the Crusaders was moved northwards to Tortosa and eventually offshore to Cyprus..Tartus is a city on the Mediterranean coast of Syria.. The port holds a small Russian naval facility.. can we know who is good - and who is evil?..It's a hard days' wages slaving away for madmen, what I've seen in life - it takes a lot to hold my interest...
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