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Black Wednesday..

Soros BBC 1997...

Mr Soros pictured with EU commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in 2017..

Billionaire George Soros is bankrolling efforts to keep Britain in the EU - He's donated more than £700k to groups working to water down or block Brexit - Best for Britain, which has received £400,000 from Mr Soros, admits its campaign for a new referendum could cause the Government to fall..Mr Soros, who was born in Budapest in the Kingdom of Hungary to a well-to-do non-observant Jewish family, had no right to try to undermine the result of the largest democratic exercise ever undertaken in Britain..Soros has never been a friend of Britain's best interests..Best for Britain was launched by the former model Gina Miller, as a campaign to encourage tactical voting against Brexit..The group is actively fundraising for its efforts to frustrate leaving the EU..

Morning Routine - American Psycho (2000) HD..

Miller was born ( 19 April 1965) Gina Nadira Singh in British Guiana to Savitri and Doodnauth Singh, who later became Attorney General of Guyana.. She is of Indian descent..She grew up in the newly independent Guyana before being sent to England by her parents at the age of 10 to be educated at Moira House Girls School..With views over the sea, the grounds open directly onto the South Downs National Park..In October 2017, Gina Miller was named by Powerlist as the "UK's most influential black person" which recognises those of African and African Caribbean heritage..Miller organised a crowdfunding campaign to back candidates opposed to a 'hard Brexit' in the 2017 general election.. As of 21 April 2017, the campaign had raised over £300,000..Tous attorneyz general purrount lever fins et cirrographer" (All general attorneys may levy fines and make legal documents)..The phrase was borrowed from Anglo-Norman French when England was ruled by Normans after the conquest of England in the 11th-century..The name Moira is a given name of Greek origin, meaning "destiny, share, fate"..Dorset Road in Atherton is in the North West region of England..

Does anyone here seriously believe if people had voted to remain, the leavers would be crying out for a 2nd referendum etc, the same with the scots and sturgeon who just cant accept the peoples vote, just because it didn't go their way..oh and the Irish border, how conveniant..The conflict began in the late 1960s and is usually deemed to have ended with the Good Friday Agreement of 1998..If i go and live in ireland doe's that make me me Irish - British ? ..By 1888, Miller's Court and 26 and 27 Dorset Street were owned by John McCarthy..It was the first archway on the right of Dorset Street coming from Commercial Street.. John Patrick McCarthy CBE (born 27 November 1956) is a British journalist, writer and broadcaster, and one of the hostages in the Lebanon hostage crisis..Moira (from Irish: Maigh Rath, meaning "plain of the streams or wheels") is a village and civil parish in County Down, Northern Ireland... they done was block out the light..Kent, I want you to keep these people distracted so they don't know what I'm doing..They can't block out the light in here...

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