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Originally Posted by ianw View Post
But dont talk about vonbraun in antarctica
No please do. Then cowardly avoid my responses!

or apolo


astronauts pocking around at meteor crater these are just side issues that dr tg dont want discussing.
Understand [email protected] !!!?
Discuss away you oh ignorant one. It will be you refusing to address my responses.


Rock finding expedition, who ya gonna send? Ghostbusters? Expert geologists? Nah...von Frickin' Braun

The samples are weatherd by atmosphere and water, have fusion crusts, no exterior helium-3 and you would need a few tons to produce 842lbs of faultless samples (in itself impossible)…….and a few hundred dog sleds, paper trails and a major fluke to find that amount of lunar meteorites...….

And even if they did magically find nearly 8 times more rocks consistent with lunar formation than has ever been found to date, the whole thing falls apart....

1. They all have fusion crusts, so the exterior heavier helium-3 content from solar wind, found on the outside, would be removed with the crust.

2. Invisibly removing the crust and fooling geologists is an idiotic assertion.

3. Solar isotopes on lunar meteorites are different to rocks taken from the surface by Apollo astronauts.

4. You would need a whole concentration of rocks from the same area of the Moon to show the same regional similarities found with each Apollo mission.

5. The Apollo rocks show signs of micro-meteorite impacts through zap pits. These pits have evidence of stronger helium-3 penetration on the contact areas, called "gardening" by geologists.

6. The lunar meteorites without any contradiction, all show signs of terrestrial weathering, with oxidation and chemical altering from atmospheric water, rain water and glacial water.

To any person with even average critical thinking skills it is way beyond impossible to fabricate rocks from lunar meteorites. Unfortunately, the people making such assertions, seem not to have even that level.

And Ianw says something really profound....? As if.

Idiotic lone fullstop at the end of every post.

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