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Herr Professor..

Codename 596 = 22 kilotons..

The Chinese nuclear weapons program was initiated on 15 January 1955 with scientific and technical assistance from the Soviet Union - Sino-Soviet relations cooled in the period from 1958 to 1959..China was angered at the lack of Soviet assistance against India for supporting Tibetan uprisings in 1959 and granting asylum to the Dalai Lama - 596, originally named by the US intelligence agencies Chic-1, is the codename of the Peaple's Republic of China's first nuclear weapons test, detonated on 16 October 1964, at the Lop Nur test site..It was a uranium-235 implosion fission device enriched in a gaseous diffusion plant in Lanzhou..The bomb had a yield of 22 kilotons, comparable to the Soviet Union's first nuclear bomb RDS-1 in 1949 and the American Fat Man bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan in 1945..With the test, China became the fifth nuclear power..This was the first of 45 total nuclear tests China has conducted to date, all of which occurred at the Lop Nur test site..Project 596 was named after the month of June 1959 in which it was initiated as an independent nuclear project, immediately after Nikita Khrushchev decided to stop helping the Chinese with their nuclear program on 20 June 1959 and Mao shifted toward an overhaul policy of self-reliance..

Fat Man and Little Boy (1989) Optimism vs. Realism HD..

The next step for China, and the real concern to U.S. officials, was to develop the mode of delivery of a nuclear payload..Just 8 months after the 596 test, a proper nuclear bomb was successfully dropped from a bomber and detonated..A year later, medium range missiles were fitted with nuclear warheads..The Lop Nur test site was used to develop more sophisticated nuclear weapons such as the hydrogen bomb, multi-stage thermonuclear devices, and Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM)..Following the war, von Braun and other leading German scientists were relocated to the United States to work directly for the US Army through Operation Paperclip, developing the IRBMs, ICBMs, and launchers..The development of the world's first practical design for an ICBM, A9/10, intended for use in bombing New York and other American cities, was undertaken in Nazi Germany by the team of Wernher von Braun under Projekt Amerika..His father, Magnus Freiherr von Braun, was a civil servant and conservative politician; he served as Minister of Agriculture in the federal government during the Weimar Republic..His mother, Emmy von Quistorp (18861959), traced her ancestry through both parents to medieval European royalty and was a descendant of Philip III of France, Valdemar I of Denmark, Robert III of Scotland, and Edward III of England, his mother gave him a telescope, and he developed a passion for astronomy, at the start of the Korean War, von Braun and his team were transferred to Huntsville, Alabama, his home for the next 20 years..On 16 October 1964 Harold Wilson was formally asked by Queen Elizabeth II to form a new government as PM of the UK, following the triumph of his Labour Party - A uranium-235 fission implosion device, largely designed based on clues from American and European writings on implosion devices and intelligence from other country's weapons testing, weighing 1550 kilograms was detonated on a 102-meter tower at 3:00 in the afternoon..Damn it, Jack..I promised Molly..I promised... have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom..We use words like honour, code, loyalty..We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something...

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