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My most important reason to know that the Apollo moon landings (there were a whole bunch of them), is the problem of gravity without an atmosphere (vacuum). The only way to have an ignition where there is no oxygen is to provide it. But because there’s vacuum, the oxygen will immediately disappear in thin air (quite literally). So they couldn’t even have a “normal” fire.
1) It would be very difficult to land on the moon (without smashing), even more difficult as they couldn’t test this.
2) Then it gets even more amazing - lift-off from the moon.
3) The lunar module would have to overcome the gravity until it would reach the rocket. Reportedly the rocket was still circling around the moon, so it would also be difficult to connect with the rocket.
This amazing feat never once went wrong: every astronaut to reach the moon… got safely back to earth.

Because there is no atmosphere on the moon, every device that’s used on earth for a “soft landing” would be completely useless on the moon, like parachutes, wings or rotors (of f.e. a helicopter).

The escape velocity from Earth is about 11.19 km/s at the surface.
The escape velocity from the Moon is about 2.38 km/s at the surface.
There is no device yet invented to make the speed drop to zero (for a soft landing) with such fast motion or accelerate to the escape velocity of the moon in vacuum – and going against gravitation on top of that.
Even if they could theoretically make such a device – the energy needed would make this impossible (not even counting the crater that is nowhere to be seen).

In inventing a movie script for the moon landing science fiction they simply invented making a much smaller Lunar Module.
Because of its much smaller mass the energy needed for the soft landing and lift off would be much smaller.
In reality this would probably make it even more difficult, having to take along the extra weight of the module, while there are also some additional practical problems like leaving and reconnecting with the “big” rocket that’s still circling around the moon at a tremendous speed.

But of course in science fiction anything is possible...

Then the following video of the (first) Apollo 11 moon landing …
1:45 – 2:05. The astronauts are wearing a spacesuit (including oxygen tank) that would hamper their movement. He is jumping up and down like some buffoon, knowing that a tiny hole in the suite would mean instant death!
This doesn’t look like a scientific mission exploring the moon, but more like bad actors trying to make it interesting to watch at home.
2:05 – 2:15: lift off of the probe. There is some kind of red “ignition” at 2:05-2:06 in the video. And some animated parts, rocks blown away, but no crater.
The lift off is immediate, without a slowly increasing speed (before) lift off.

From a practical point of view, it's also completely ridiculous that they made 2 astronauts walking the moon surface with an additional one in the Lunar Module.

See the following photo (2:24) from the documentary "IN HIS OWN WORDS: BUZZ ALDRIN 40 YEARS LATER" (already posted in this thread):
The flag and pole are the only things in colour.
Notice the flag waving in the wind…

See the blow up of the bottom of the flag pole.
The pole has NO shadow.
The bottom of the pole is perfectly straight, looks like it’s floating instead of inserted into the lunar surface.
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