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Lightbulb Heart Sutra

Perfection of Wisdom..

Sony Pictures Classics..

Spring = We are introduced to the life of the very young Buddhist apprentice living with his master on a small floating monastery, drifting on a lake in the serene forested mountains of Korea..

Coronation Street = Neil Fearns Funeral..

Summer = The apprentice (now in his teenage years) encounters a mother and daughter (dressed in modern clothes, indicating that the film takes place in modern times) walking along the forest path, looking for the monastery + Fall = Many years later, during the fall, the aging master returns from a supply run to the local village, bringing a cat in his backpack + Winter = Paroled, the now middle-age apprentice returns to the frozen lake and to his former home, which has been drifting uninhabited for years...and Spring = Returning to spring again, the cycle recommences..

SSFW&S = (2003) Trailer..

19 September 2003 - In the UK Where Is The Love by The Black Eyed Peas was in the top 5 hits..It was Friday, under the sign of Virgo - UN Secretary General Kofi Annan rings the Japanese Peace Bell, marking International Day of Peace at UN Headquarters in New York, cautioning that for some, the direst threat to peace was terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, while for others it was poverty, disease, deprivation, and civil war = all caused by weapons manufacturers + Why do some UN peacekeepers Rape - Iraq's former defense minister, Sultan Hashim Ahmed was seen at Saddam Hussein's side..He is number 27 on the most-wanted list of former top officials under Saddam Hussein (8 of ) - Hurricane Isabel moves through western Pennsylvania before heading to Ontario, Canada - Frank Lowe ( 24 June 1943) was an American avant-garde jazz saxophonist and composer - Ellen Idelson (13 June 1961) was an American TV producer, TV writer and actress - Slim Dusty, (born David Gordon Kirkpatrick; 13 June 1927) was a Australian cultural icon - The angry mob then turned to Captain Adam Mohamed himself, it was produced by Charan's Capital Film Works, but hasn't actually got a clue where he's gone, along with Debbie + Isabel continues its path of destruction striking US Washinglineton... the little goat began to cry..The high priest said, why now are you crying..And the goat replied, for you, poor priest..500 lives ago I too was a high priest, and sacrificed goats to the gods...

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