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Arrow Heart of the Bull


Traje de luces..

Matador = Spain bullfight..

Banderilleros attempt to place the sticks while running as close to the bull as possible..They are judged by the crowd on their form and bravery..Sometimes a matador, who was a particularly skillful banderillero before becoming a matador, will place some of the banderillas himself + In cosmological terms, the animals were believed to inhabit a distinct world, separated from humans not by space but by state of mind.. Rebirth as an animal was considered to be one of the unhappy rebirths, usually involving more than human suffering + VĂ­ctor Barrio Hernanz was a Spanish bullfighter from Segovia..There was a gust of wind which blew Barrio's cape, giving the bull a chance to strike him...'re blocking me Cleopatra..My fans want to see me..I've seen you before..I'm one of your greatest fans, you know that..Your job is a waste of time..The world doesn't want to be saved...

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