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Lightbulb Earth


USGS Shakemap for the event..

Bab'Aziz: Le prince qui contemplait son ame + The film's complex and nonlinear narrative chiefly centers around the journey of a blind dervish, Bab'Aziz, and his granddaughter, Ishtar, who — while traveling across the desert towards an immense Sufi gathering, encounter several strangers who relate the stories of their own mysterious and spiritual quests..The desert… evokes the Arabic language, which bears the memory of its origins..In every Arabic word, there is a bit of flowing sand..It is also one of the main sources of Arabic love poetry..In all three of my movies..the desert is a character in itself + Armand Amar grew up in Morocco + 18 year old Natalee Holloway was the first of two children (21 October 1986) to Dave and Elizabeth Beth in Clinton, Mississippi whose disappearance made international news after she vanished on 30 May 2005..

Armand Amar - 10 Poem of the Atoms..

The 2005 Kashmir Earthquake occurred at 08:50:39 Pakistan Standard Time on 8 October in Pakistan administered areas of Kashmir..It was centered near the city of Muzaffarabad, and also affected Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and the Indian administered areas of Jammu and Kashmir..It registered a moment magnitude of 7.6 and had a maximum Mercalli intensity of VIII (Severe)..The EQ also affected countries in the surrounding region where tremors were felt in Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Chinese Xinjiang..The severity of the damage caused by the earthquake is attributed to severe upthrust.. It is considered the deadliest earthquake to hit South Asia since the 1935 Quetta earthquake..A fault which has a component of dip-slip and a component of strike-slip is termed an oblique-slip fault..Most of the devastation hit north Pakistan Kashmir..As of 27 October 2005 there had been more than 978 aftershocks with a magnitude of 4.0 and above that continued to occur daily + According to government figures, 19,000 children died in the earthquake, most of them in widespread collapses of school buildings..The earthquake affected more than 500,000 families + approximately 250,000 farm animals died due to collapse of stone barns, and more than 500,000 large animals required immediate shelter from the harsh winter..The Pakistani government’s official death toll as of November 2005 stood at 87,350 - Alfred William Goldie (10 December 1920, Coseley, StaffordshireBarrow-in-Furness, Cumbria) was an English Mathematician = Goldies theorem is a basic structural result in ring theory, and satisfies the ascending chain condition on right annihilators of subsets of R... decided to never invest too much emotion in one thing..It's always a set-up to the pain of losing them..But who ever loved ordinary..I could feel the blood coursing through my veins...

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