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Arrow Spade

Its gonna be a squirty one mate = Flush..

Drone B-17 used as a guided missile..

The program effectively ceased on January 27, 1945 when General Spaatz sent an urgent message to Doolittle (14 December , 18967 September 1993) = Aphrodite babies must not be launched against the enemy until further orders..The 'mothership' would then direct the missile to the target + Tallboy, or Bomb, Medium Capacity, 12,000 lb, was an earthquake bomb..At 5 long tons (5.1 t), it could only be carried by the Avro Lancaster heavy bomber..The Grand Slam was a 22,000 lb (10,000 kg) earthquake bomb used by RAF Bomber Command against strategic targets during the Second World War...

Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. (c. 1942) U.S. Navy..

The Thin Red Line (1998) Taking the Bunker = How long will it last before it gets deleted Susan ?

Of 14 missions flown, none resulted in the successful destruction of a target..Many aircraft lost control and crashed or were shot down by flak, and many pilots were killed..However, a handful of aircraft scored near misses..One notable pilot death was that of Lt Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., USNR, the elder brother of future US President John F. Kennedy..Kennedy was appointed a Lieutenant on 1 July 1944.. After the U.S. Army Air Forces operation missions were drawn up on 23 July 1944, Lieutenants Wilford John Willy and Kennedy were designated as the first Navy flight crew..Two Lockheed Ventura mother planes and a Boeing B-17 navigation plane took off from RAF Fersfield at 1800 on 12 August 1944..Then the BQ-8 aircraft, loaded with 21,170 lb (9,600 kg) of Torpex, took off..It was to be used against the U-boat pens at Heligoland in the North Sea..Following them in a USAAF F-8 Mosquito to film the mission were pilot Lt. Robert A.Tunnel and combat camera man Lt. David J. McCarthy, who filmed the event from the perspex nose of the aircraft...As planned, Kennedy and Willy remained aboard as the BQ-8 completed its first remote-controlled turn at 2,000 ft (610 m) near the North Sea coast...Kennedy and Willy removed the safety pin, arming the explosive package, and Kennedy radioed the agreed code Spade Flush, his last known words..Two minutes later (and well before the planned crew bailout, near RAF Manston), the Torpex explosive detonated prematurely and destroyed the Liberator, killing Kennedy and Willy instantly.....the Baby just exploded in mid-air as we neared it and I was knocked halfway back to the cockpit..A few pieces of the Baby came through the plexiglass nose and I got hit in the head and caught a lot of fragments in my right arm...The 8th CCU film of the event, has, so far as is known, not been found... The names of both men are listed on the Tablets of the Missing at the Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial, a cemetery hand chapel near the village of Ma dingley in Cambridgeshire, Britain, that commemorates American servicemen who died in World War II..A military station in the desert... fellow obviously knows what he's talking about...I'll just tell her in my own way...I'm feeling something..did he know someone by the name of Ana?..The Gods envy us..They envy us because we're mortal, because any moment might be our last..Everything is more beautiful because we're doomed...

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