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Lightbulb Crown of Creation

After Bathing at Baxter's..

Lather In Time + Eugene..

Jefferson had their manager and promoter Bill Thompson purchase a large 20-room, three-story, home at 2400 Fulton Street directly across from Golden Gate Park in San Francisco where the members would live communally, known as The Airplane House or simply The Mansion included a refurbished basement with a built-in recording studio..Released September 1968..

Jefferson Airplane + Greasy ..

1 - Mad as a Atta was born in Kafr el-Sheikh, located in Egypt's Nile Delta region - When Atta was ten, his family moved to the Cairo neighborhood of Abdeen, located near the center of the city - 8 - 6.3 earthquake struck East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea depth of 30.0 km. maximum intensity of VI (Strong)= Paul Mazurkiewicz an American drummer for death metal band Cannibal Corpse = 11 - The crash of Air France Flight 1611 kills 95 people, including French Army General René Cogny + U.S. Army Major General Keith L. Ware, World War II Medal of Honor recipient, is killed when his helicopter is shot down in Vietnam = 14 - 6.2 EQ struck Fars Province, Iran depth of 25.0 km -16 - 6.8 off the south coast of New Britain, Papua New Guinea = Marc Anthony born in New York City to parents from Yauco, Puerto Rico raised Roman Catholic after Mexican - 20 - A 6.5 Sucre, Venezuela depth of 103.4 km = Darrell Russell - He died of severe head injuries + Van was born in Jackson, Tennessee, + Philippa on a number of Lloyds Pharmacy adverts + Leah Pinsent is a Canadian actress + Hawaii Five-O debuts on CBS - 21 - 6.7 off the south coast of Hokkaido, Japan depth of 58.3 km = RickiPamela Lake is an American actress + Angell competed in several radio talent shows during the Nice Carnvial = The Soviet's Zond 5 unmanned lunar flyby mission returns to Earth..

The Ring Two = Now It's Her Problem (2005) HD ..

22 - A total solar eclipse occurred = Megan T.D. Hollingshead + 62nd Prime Minister of Romania - 25 - 6.2 off the south coast of the South Island, New Zealand depth of 15.0 km + 6.0 Chiapas, Mexico = Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau + Heather Stewart-Whyte + John A. List = Smith was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Caroline bright hand Willard - 26 - 7.1 Kermadec Islands, New Zealand depth of 50.0 km - 27 + 6.4 East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea depth of 15.0 km= Mari Kiviniemi, 62nd Prime Minister of Finland - 28 + 6.1 Lima Region, Peru depth of 65.0 km = Naomi.. + Mika Häkkinen Finnish double Formula 1 world champion - After inclining to join the an Peace Corps, DeBruin volunteered as a kicker with Air America..His job was to kick the pallets of rice and other food out of an airplane to aid Lao refugees -Bible John is the nickname of a serial killer who is believed to have murdered 3 young women after meeting them at the Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow, Scotland = Patrick Burns = Boeing introduces its largest passenger aircraft up to that time... you feel alone, you just call my name..I'm a psychiatrist, yeah..So it shall be written..I would do anything to protect you..Won't you do the same for me..So it shall be done...

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