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Arrow Battle


The Battle for Jalibah Airfield took place when the U.S. 2nd Brigade, 24th Infantrye Division successfully attacked and captured the heavily defended Jalibah Southeast Air Base military airfield in Iraq, located 80 miles west of Basra, on 27 February 1991 during the Gulf War = Shell scrapes are generally hastily excavated manually (i.e.entrenching tool), and are temporary constructions..The Tiryagyoni domain (aka the Animal domain) is based on strong mental states of stupidity = We're in the darkest region of the human brain, a radiant abyss where men go to find themselves..

The Persian Gulf War 1990 to 1991 Ep2 of 2 = Part 2 of 3 ..

According to 2nd Lieutenant Neal Creighton, Iraqi soldyers "tried to hide in shallow bunkers and some tried to surrender.. Most that moved were quickly cut down under a swath of machine gun fire..The burning helicopters, jets and dead soldiers seemed almost unreal.. My soldiers were alive.. It was the happiest moment of my life." Major David S. Pierson, who served as a task-force intelligence captain in the 2nd Brigade, said he eventually felt "guilty that we had slaughtered them so; guilty that we had performed so well and they so poorly; guilty that we were running up the score..They were like children fleeing before us, unorganized, scared, WishinG it all would end..We continued to pour it on"..

Only one U.S. soldier was wounded by enemy fire during the battle..In the confusion, however, three U.S. M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles of C Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Infantry Regiment were Incidentally hit with 5 depleted uranium rounds fired by the tanks of C Company, 3rd Battalion, 69th Armour Regiment..They fired between 15 and 25 rounds at what they identifried as T-72 Iraqi tanks.. This fiendly fire incident resulted in the 10 additional American casualties: 2 deaths and 8 injuries..In the classical tradition, they came to represent the futility of a repetitive task that can never be completed..In Monday Begins on Saturday..In Theravada there are only 5 because the domain of the asuras is not regarded as separate from that of the nagas... do this you must create an expectation in the enemy's mind through the use of a feint..The idea here is to get the enemy to focus his forces in a location, and then attack elsewhere...

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