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27th February = Line Hand Sinker..There it is, Wendy..

It was Wednesday, under the sign of Pisces..Ben Elton's Silly Cow premieres in London James Brown is released from prison Noureddine Morcelli set 1500m Mark at 3:34:16 = If you liked Video Games you were probably playing Action 52 or Final Fantasy IV..McKeown's work with Dateline includes coverage of the World Trade Center Attacks and the Oklahoma City bombing and investigations into hurricanes, tornados, great white sharks and pastor Benny Hinn = A 5-year stint with CBS News is highlighted by his award-winning coverage of the Persian Gulf War = Flanking can also occur at the operational and strategic levels of warfare..

Gulf War (277 of 374) + Dessert Sabre = Broadcast (New Zealand) 1991..

1933 Germany's parliament building in Berlin, the Reich Marinus van der Lubbe, a young Dutch Communist claims responsibility..The Nazis used the fire to solidify their power and eliminate the communists as political rivals + 1940 =Martin Kamen and Sam Ruben discover carbon-14 + The name of Goddess appears in the configuration of the sefirot at the top of the right axis, and corresponds in the tzelem Elokim the Divine Image to the right eye, and corresponds to the right hemisphere of the Brain + The Egyptians would sacrifice red-headed men on the tomb of Osiris because red was the colour associated with Set, the Egyptian version of Satan = We could make a foooking suitcase out of you... can feel the steam inside me right through my dress..She's just old enough..She's the finest delicacy New Orleans has to offer, and it's her wish that one of you Gentleman be the first...

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