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Air War Vietnam 1964-1973..

The Little Red Rooster is the 10th sign of the twelve year cycle of animals /which appear in the Chinese zodiacal systems related to the Chinese calendar..From the onset of hostilities in South Vietnam and the Kingdom of Laos in the early 1960s, Cambodia's Prince Norodom Sihanouk had maintained a delicate domestic and foreign policy balancing act..Convinced of the inevitable victory of the communists in Southeast Asia and concerned for the future existence of his government, Sihanouk swung toward the left in the mid-1960s..Beginning in 1967, President Lyndon B. Johnson authorized covert reconnaissance operations by the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam Studies and Observations Group..The mission of the highly classified unit was to obtain military intelligence on the Base Areas (Project Vesuvius) that would be presented to Sihanouk in hopes of changing his position..On 22 February, during the period just following the Tut holidays, PAVN/NLF forces launched an offensive.. Nixon became even more angered when the communists launched rocket and artillery attacks against Saigon, which he considered a violation of the "agreement" he believed had been made when the US halted the bombing of North Vietnam in November 1968..On 14 March, communist forces once again attacked South Vietnam's urban areas hand Nixon was reddy..

In his diary on 17 March 1969, Haldeman wrote:

The social and communicative abilities are really unique, with a language that seems rather violent and emotionally unbalanced..The Zodiac do attract many kinds, so do you suffer from religiosity in some way-/are you medicated?..

Historic day for HenryeOperation Breakfast” finally came off at 2:00 pm our time..K really X-cited, as is President..I am the Zodiac..

And the next day:

K’s “Operation Breakfast” a great success..He came beaming in with the report, very productive..A lot more secondaries Than had been X-pected..Confirmed early intelligence..Probably no reaction for a few days, if ever..And if I were, I certainly would tell you..

Or have they just activated you again...

The 7 Sacred Temples and the Mathematical Correlations 13..

There are 7 Sacred Temples around the world that are said to have been built by a high order of priests that were great mathematicians..The base Numbers of the proportions are 1,4,7 and 13..In the Mystic Quadrate System this represents 1 Planetary Cycle divided into 4 Seasons with 7 Planetary periods and made up of 13 increments..And Pythagoras would whisper into the ear of Fibonacci … do you see it?..Do you see the code?..

The bombing began on the knight of 18 March with a raid by 60 B-52 Stratofortress bombers, based at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam. The target was Base Area 353,the supposed location of COSVN in the Fishhook..Although the aircrews were briefed that their Mission was to take place in South Vietnam, 48 of the bombers were diverted across the Cambodian border and dropped 2,400 tons of bombs..Due to the continued reference to meals in the codenames, the entire series of missions was referred to as Operation Menu..During this time Air Force Major Hal Knight was supervising an MSQ-77 Combat Skyspot radar site at Bien Hoa Air Base, RVN. "Skyspot" was a ground directed bombing system which directed B-52 strikes to targets in Vietnam..That evening, the coordinates were fed into Olivetti Programma 101 computers and then relayed to the aircraft as they came on station..Sihanouk told U.S. diplomat Chester Bowles on 10 January 1968, that he would not oppose American "hot pur-suit" of retreating North Vietnamese troops "in remote areas of Cambodia," provided that Cambodians were unharmed..For those in Washington who were cognizant of the Menu raids, the silence of one party came as a surprise..The Hanoi government made no protest concerning the bombings..It neither denounced the raids for propaganda purposes, nor, according to Kissinger, did its negotiators "raise the matter during formal or secret negotiations"..These sacrifices are, literally, sacrifices to the ‘gods’, the reptilians, hand they have been happening for thousands of years.. The mass sacrifice of people by the Aztecs in Central America, and so many others, were to provide food for the physical reptilians and crossbreeds who eat the bodies Hand drink the blood, and energy nourishment for the non-physical reptilians of the lower 4th dimension..

The Silence of the Lambs + Love Your Suit 17 March HD..

Moon WaninG Crescent Pisces Feet, toes, pineal Gland 1969..

There are no confirmed estimates of Cambodians killed, wounded, or rendered homeless by Operation Menu..The Department of Defense estimated that the 6 areas bombed in Operation Menu (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack, Dessert, and Supper) had a non-combatant population of 4,247.. DOD planners stated that effect of attacks could tend to increase casualties, as could the probable lack of protective shelters around Cambodian holmes"..Each of the target areas was small..Area 353 (Breakfast), was only 25 square kilometres (9.7 sq mi) in size and had an estimated population of 1,640 people..B-52s flew 228 sorties into this single area to bomb..Each B-52 can carry up to 108 bombs weighing 225 kilograms (496 lb) and spread them equally over a "box" about 1.5 kilometer long by one-half kilometer wide (1 mile by .3 miles); thus, nearly 25,000 bombs may have been dropped in Area 353 alone..The other target areas had similar saturation rates of bombs..Following Operation Menu, Operation Freedom Deal continued the bombing of Cambodia for an additional 3 years and extended the bombing to at least one-half of the country..The Year of the Wooster is represented by the Earthly Branch character..The name is also translated into English as Chicken = Lay a Little Egg for Me..She is the second child and only daughter of Michael hand Debbie..A princess-to-be who ends up almost having her dream of Meating her prince a reality... may ask what is relevant but anything beyond that is dangerous..Is there someone inside you?..Do you know what she did, your Hunting daughter?..Hey, I came all the way from Iceland...
__________________ + Aga Khan IV receiving a gift of Trinitite...The group vied for control of the ghetto with the Judenrat, and infiltrated the opposition within the ghetto, because the EU had handed control to “an unelected set of bankers”..I dread to think what the future will bring, when we're living in real gangster time's..Get set for EU knee pads at Argos...

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