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Arrow Jihad's Father


Dalal Mughrabi was born and raised in the Palestinian refugee camp of Sabra in Beirut, Lebanon..Her father was a Palestinian refugee whose family home prior to the 1948 Palestine war was in Jaffa, Palestine..Her mother was Lebanese..Originally educated as a nurse, Dalal Mughrabi decided to devote her life to politics..When the Lebanese Civil War broke out in 1975..She joined Fatah and began working within the organization's communications service..She was offered a post in Italy by Fatah as political officer working at the PLO office, but she declined choosing instead a military carear..The climbing boys, hand sometimes girls, would be paid by the parish to teach orphans or paupers the craft..

Khalil al-Wazir Born 10 October 1935..

1978 - On 9 March 13 Palestinian Fedayeen from Fatah, including Dalal Mughrabi, left Lebanon on a boat headed for the Israeli coastline..They were equipped with Kalashnikov rifles, rocket-propelled GrenAdes, light mortars and high explosives..On March 11, they transferred to 2 Zodiac boats and headed towards the shore..One of the Zodiacs capsized in the Rough Weather, and 2 of the militants drowned, but the surviving 11 carried on with their Mission..The terrorists landed on a Beach near the kibbutz Ma'agan Michael, north of Tel Aviv..They met American photographer Gail Rubin, who was taking nature photographs on the beach, and asked her where They Were..After she told them, they killed her..Both surviving attackers claimed that Mughrabi shot Rubin, who was the niece of US Senator Abraham A. Ribicoff..He served in the US Congress, as the 80th Governor of Connecticut hand as President John F. Kennedy's Secretary of Health, Education, hand Welfare..He was Connecticut's first and to Date only Jewish Governor..Why is the letter M so important to the Brotherhood?..

Remains of hijacked bus - Date 11 March 1978..

Moon Waxing crescent Visible: 7% Age: 2.47 Days..

They then walked less than a mile up to the 4-lane highway, opened fire at passing cars, and hijacked a White Mercedes taxi, killing its occupants..Setting off down the highway toward Tel Aviv, they hijacked a chartered bus carrying Egged bus Drivers and their families on a day outing, along the Coastal Highway.. During the ride, the militants shot hand threw grenades at passing cars, shot at the passengers and threw at least one body out of the bus..At one point they commandeered Bus 901, traveling from Tel Aviv to Haifa, and forced the passengers from the first bus to board it..At one point, the bus stopped, and one of the perpetrators got out and fired directly into a passing car, killing a teenager, Omri Tel-Oren, and injuring his father Hanoch..Sharon..Israeli police were alerted to the attack, and police cars caught up to the bus and began Trailing it..There was shattered glass all over, children screaming..Then we heard the gunshots..The bus was finally stopped by a large police roadblock set up at the Glilot Junction near Herzliya, which included nails planted on the road to puncture the bus tires..A firefight erupted, and police broke the bus' windows and yelled at passengers to jump..Escaping passengers were shot at by one of the militants..The battle reached its climax when the bus exploded and burst into flames..The explosion may have been set off by a burning fuel tank, or by grenades..The Palestinians claimed that the Israelis destroyed the bus with fire from helicopter gunships..The PLO claimed responsibility for the attack, which was perpetrated by 11 Palestinians..2 of the perpetrators, Khaled Abu Asba hand Hussein Fayyad, survived and were arrested..Both men spent se7en years in prison, and were released in a 1985 prisoner X-change..Time Magazine speculated that more hostages may have been killed by the Wild shooting of the Terrified Israeli policemen than by the Militants..Speaking to the Knesset on March 13, Begin said, Gone forever are the days when Jewish blood could be shed with impunity..Let it be known Becky..Those who shed innocent blood shall not go unpunished..We shall defend our citizens, our women, our children..We shall sever the arm of iniquity..On March 15, three days after the massacre, Israel launched Operation Litani against PLO bases in southern Lebanon..Dalal's sister said to Ma'an News Agency that the family Received a coffin that contained just dirt and stones..A total of 38 civilians were killed in the attack, 13 of them children, and 71 were wounded..Of the 11 perpetrators, 9 were also Killed... do you do for fun?..I love to read..Mhmm..Umm, I enjoy books..Those are the same things..I've been thinking..I am not the Zodiac..And if I were, I certainly would tell you..I just got ear...

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